June 12, 2018

The POLLEN sculpture was inspired by a picture of a pollen grain image magnified under a microscope. Materials: The POLLEN sculpture is created from three different types of galvanised chicken wire and yellow strimmer line. In time the Pollen sculpture will gradually change colour. I choose these materials because...

Sea Form

Sea Form

June 15, 2017

The sculpture was made using three bicycle wheel rims as an armature then the shape was covered in found fishing rope/twine found on Shoreham Beach. I washed the rope, wove and wound it onto the form. The sculpture feels rather like a mysterious object reclaimed from a wreckage in...

Garden Stools Sculpture

Garden Stools

June 15, 2017

The 3 sculptures were carved from Oak for a garden setting around a pool, to be used as garden furniture.  The surface of the stools were hand carved and a ripple effect carved onto the stool with a hole through the centre. Private Commission.

Ropetackle Sculpture Art by the River

Ropetackle Commission – Art by the River

June 15, 2017

Public Art Commission A series of Art by the River commissions as part of a new build Ropetackle in Shoreham by Sea. As one of the commissioned artists I carved a series of carved wooden sculptures sited along the riverside.  The wood was kindly donated by Shoreham Port and...

Wave Sculpture


June 15, 2017

The  sculpture was carved into found wood.  I laminated the pieces and carved the form using power tools. It is based on  drawings and sketches I made  of  tidal flow and mudflat patterns  of the River Adur at low tide. In private collection.

Closed Fern Form Sculpture

Closed Fern Sculpture

June 15, 2017

The carving was a private commission.  The form is based on a closed fern form and carved from Portland stone.  I was fortunate to visit the Portland quarries and find a stone to suit the carving. The sculpture is sited in a garden in a shaded area – suited...

Carved Elm Box


June 15, 2017

The box was carved from an Elm tree which fell during 1987 Great Storm in the Sussex University grounds. Commissioned by Brighton & Hove for the City Bid to house the City Bid papers. The box has  ‘Brighton & Hove’ incised inside the lid and the wave patterns on...

Chicken Wire Fox Sculpture


May 21, 2017

The Fox was commissioned by The Wildlife Trust, Sevenoaks in Kent.  The sculpture is  larger than lifesize and it created from chicken wire. It is now sited in the Tyland Barn, Wildlife Trust in Maidstone, Kent.