June 12, 2018

The POLLEN sculpture was inspired by a picture of a pollen grain image magnified under a microscope. Materials: The POLLEN sculpture is created from three different types of galvanised chicken wire and yellow strimmer line. In time the Pollen sculpture will gradually change colour. I choose these materials because...

Beach Form

Beach Forms

June 15, 2017

Beach Star Form 1: PVC-coated galvanised chicken wire and fishing rope/twine found on local beach. Beach Star Form 2: Made from mixed galvanised mesh and wire. Both pieces were inspired by walking on Shoreham Beach – an area of protected shoreline habitat.  Many usual plants grow along the upper beach...

Sussex Knucker Dragon Sculpture

Sussex Knucker Dragon

June 15, 2017

The Sussex Knucker Dragon was made using  a mixture of recycled  chicken wire and wire.  The dragon sculpture was commissioned for  Sussex Day at the Worthing Museum & Art Gallery.  The legend goes that there was a Water Serpent Dragon known as the Knucker Dragon who resided in a...